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Our company offers you general information about our services, including a list of the most frequently asked questions by our clients to help resolve doubts. 

ECU (Electronics Control Unit) stands for electronic control unit. It is the "brain" of the vehicle's engine. It is where the behavior tables are housed, which Reprorace accesses and modifies to achieve power increases and variations in the electronic management of the engine.

Depending on the control unit (ECU) that your vehicle equips, the procedure can be OBD, Bootloader, BDM or Bench.

The most common connection system is OBD, which consists of extracting the original data from the electronic engine unit through the diagnostic connector.

In cases where it is not possible to read by OBD we will use one of the other 3 additional modes which require more time and more sophisticated equipment. All ReproRACE distributors have the necessary training to perform the read and write operations of the ECU

The ReproRACE switchboard Reprogramming process consists of 3 phases: 

  • The ReproRACE dealer tests the vehicle's operation and extracts the original data from the ECU.
  • The original data read is sent to our central office, where our development department will make the pertinent modifications based on our client's requests.
  • Once the data is modified and made available to our dealer, he will write the modified data back to the vehicle and the vehicle will be ready for testing.

All modifications are always made from our central office in Madrid (Spain) 

We need to offer a standard in quality and performance, for this we make sure that all modifications are made in the same way and complying with basic safety characteristics, therefore only our development team is trained for such work.

Broadly speaking, we can say that Yes.

There are certain exceptions, especially older vehicles with non-compliant embedded electronic systems or without reading ports. Even so, there are a minimum number of vehicles that do not allow us to read. ReproRACE has the most advanced reading and writing equipment on the market.

Logically, the vehicle must be in good mechanical condition. We are not talking about excess mileage, since a vehicle with many kilometers can be programmed without problem.

We can service damaged vehicles as long as the purpose of the programming is to repair said failure.


Undoubtedly Stage1 if your vehicle does not have mechanical modifications.

We recall that Stage2 and Stage3 are electronic calibrations for vehicles with mechanical changes which make it necessary to electronically adapt the new components. The minimum components to make a Stage2 are a high flow intake filter and the elimination of exhaust restrictions (down pipe)

Both are included in Stage1.

It is simply to determine what is the purpose of the programming for our developers to focus the changes to obtain the maximum fuel economy or maximum power.

It should be noted that both EcoRACE and MaxiRACE will get a power boost, although it will be more noticeable in MaxiRACE.

We call OBD reading the reading of the original data that the manufacturer wrote in the ECU through the connection to the diagnostic socket, which all vehicles have installed since 2001, regardless of the brand.

VR reading mode is the system used by vehicle manufacturers when updating the software at the official dealer. They wrote the data, therefore they do not need to do any reading, they simply connect to the vehicle, verify the software calibration and download the file to be modified from the server.

ReproRACE does the same as long as it is available in order not to open its electronic unit and carry out the work through an OBD connection.

When we do not have any less invasive reading mode available for data extraction or when we need to read all the memories of the electronic unit to make a data transfer or clone.

Our company tests using an Omnicomm LLS 5 fuel flow meter.

If you want to make the savings checks with maximum reliability, we recommend that you completely fill the tank, perform 1000kms with a use similar to that prior to programming and carry out the mathematical operation by completely filling the fuel tank again. The on-board computers will sometimes not give you a real calculation, however you can do the real calculation by dividing liters / kilometers

Our company performs hundreds of power measurements annually with which we design "base" calculations from which we adapt your cartography when it is sent to us by our distributor.  

Thanks to our measurements we can know how a vehicle will behave after reprogramming, always in Stage1. As long as it is in optimal condition and without mechanical failures.

Stage2 and Stage3 programming will be essential to launch it on the bench, since we will not be able to know the increases since each vehicle will have different mechanical parts.


Yes, as long as you do not reside in a country with restrictions. Check with your nearest dealer for legal restrictions in your country.

Yes, as long as you do not reside in a country with restrictions. Check with your nearest dealer for legal restrictions in your country.

Yes, it is also homologated in countries where it is an essential requirement. 

Yes, but depending on the dealer, they can offer you programming in light, heavy or agricultural vehicles.

The programming of industrial machinery, mining and public works are carried out by our technicians directly. Contact Us.

If you have a mechanical workshop or automotive service you can offer our services.

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