Your diesel more fun

give him an injection cut

Our PopCorn programming, also called popcorn, hard cut, etc. It consists of producing an "imitation" of an injection cut in a diesel vehicle. 

A diesel vehicle, when it has not been programmed for this purpose, does not cut off the injection, but when it reaches the programmed revolutions it loses strength and simply stops accelerating.

The popcorn programming consists of determining the cutting RPM, normally located around 4200 / 4400RPM and making the pertinent modifications in the power maps to achieve a dry cut. That is, as we accelerate we continue requesting power and in a matter of a few RPM we cut the request, in order to achieve that beautiful sound effect.


Legal warning: 

ReproRACE offers a global electronic modification service in various countries of the world. The user must consult the legal regulations in their country of origin. ReproRACE does not offer cancellation of anti-pollution systems in places where it is not legal, being in these places limited the use of competition vehicles that do not circulate on public roads.

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