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Remove EGR Valve

Electronic removal of EGR valve

EGR valve is a device placed between the exhaust system and the intake and helps to reduce polluting emissionss, especially in diesel cars, although it is also used in gasoline engines.

It receives that name from the acronym in English Exhaust Gas Recirculation, and it is a system that allows a part of the exhaust gases already burned to be redirected back to the intake circuit, so that they join with the mixture and they help to lower the combustion temperature since the air introduced is low in oxygen when using previously burned air. In times of low demand, the Injection of these low oxygen gases produce a loss of power.

Likewise, the introduction into the combustion chamber of air with a low amount of recycled oxygen leads to an increase in fuel consumption and a multitude of failures due to recirculation due to the intake of carbon from the combustion.

ReproRACE offers you EGR valve override:

  • More power.
  • Less consumption.
  • Less carbon inside the engine


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Legal warning: 

ReproRACE offers a global electronic modification service in various countries of the world. The user must consult the legal regulations in their country of origin. ReproRACE does not offer cancellation of anti-pollution systems in places where it is not legal, being in these places limited the use of competition vehicles that do not circulate on public roads.

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